What is cryolite

Cryolite is a mineral that is slightly soluble in water. The cryolite dissolves alumina, acts as a flux in the electrolytic aluminum industry, and produces opacifiers for opalescent glass and enamel.

Cryolite is mainly used as a flux for aluminum electrolysis, a wear-resistant filler for rubber and grinding wheels, an enamel whitening agent, a glass sunscreen and a metal flux, and an insecticide for crops. The Hall-Heroult method is a method in which a cryolite-based fluoride melt is used as a solvent to produce metal aluminum. To date, no other compound has been found to replace cryolite. This is because cryolite has other indispensable properties besides being able to dissolve alumina. For example, it does not contain elements that are more positive than aluminum. It has good stability, does not decompose under normal conditions, does not decompose, does not deliquesce, and has a high melting point. In aluminum, it has good conductivity and saves electricity. It can be said that if there is no cryolite, there may not be such a large-scale aluminum industry in the world, the price will not be so low, and the application will not be so extensive.

Cryolite is mainly used as a flux for aluminum electrolysis; it is also used as an anti-wear additive for grinding products, which can effectively improve the wear resistance, cutting and cutting force of the grinding wheel, prolong the service life and storage time of the grinding wheel; flux of ferroalloy and boiling steel, colored Metal flux, cast deoxidizer, olefin polymerization catalyst, and emulsifier for glass anti-reflective coating, enamel, opaque agent for glass, flux for welding consumables, filler for ceramics, pesticide for pesticides, etc. Industry companies.

It has to be acknowledged that the scope of application of cryolite is extensive, and as the Chinese aluminum industry continues to develop, the demand for cryolite is increasing. The domestic method of producing cryolite is mainly produced by the traditional wet method, which is more serious for environmental pollution and higher in cost. In the subsequent development, China’s aluminum industry is constantly developing, and has gradually entered the innovative technology. After the production test, the current reclaimed cryolite is still very popular in the market.

Today’s electrolytes must use cryolite in the process of production. For this industry, the company will continue to improve in the production of cryolite, and develop environmentally friendly and low-priced cryolite products.

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