Sodium Fluoroaluminate


Sodium Fluoroaluminate
Aluminium- metallurgy:as component of fluxing agents, protective and refining salts
Production of abrasives:as active filler in resinbonded abrasives for metal treatment
Production of enamel, glazing frits and glass:as flux and opacifying agent
Production of soldering agent:as component for fluxing agents
Production of welding agents:as component of welding rod coatings and welding powders
Blasting and pyrotechnics: for fireworks
Metal surface treatment:as component in pickling pastes for stainless steel

【Molecular formula】: Na3AlF6
【Molecular weight】: 209.5
【CAS】: 15096-52-3
【HS CODE】:2826.3000
【Standard】: GB/T4291-2007



Content (%)


98% Min

Ratio (3Naf/AlF3):


Fluorine (F)


Aluminum (Al)


Sodium (Na)


Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3)


Silicon Oxide (SiO2)


Sodium Oxide (Na2O)

≤ 0.07%

Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3)


L.O.I at 550 ºC – 1  Hr


Water (H2O)


Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)


【PHYSICAL PROPERTIES】The size distribution can be sandy (40-100mesh), powder (80-400mesh), granular (0-10mm).Other items can be specified according to special requirement.
【Application】:Solvent for bauxite in the electrolytic production of aluminum; other metallurgical applications; glass and enamel industries; insecticide;filler for bonded abrasives; in the manufacture of insecticides.
【PACKING】:Package can be 25/50/1000kg plastic woven bags with shrink film, or according to customers requirements.

Sodium Fluoroaluminate/ used as a flux for aluminum electrolysis

Sodium Fluoroaluminate / Burning down
Burning reduction is an important test index for cryolite. It is a percentage of the amount of ignition loss in the environment of cryolite material 550 ° C for 0.5 h.
The burning of cryolite is a new indicator when the national standard was established in 1999. There is no such thing as the national standard in 1984. With the advancement of society and the development of the aluminum electrolysis industry, the automation level and environmental protection of industrial production are valued and there is an urgent need to improve the performance of cryolite as a raw material for aluminum electrolysis. The level of cryolite burning directly affects its use in aluminum electrolysis production. The high burning loss will cause problems such as hydrotalcite hydrolysis, flying, low material utilization, and aggravation of environmental pollution. The lower the burning, the better the effect. .
Therefore, reducing the burning loss is the primary problem to improve the quality of cryolite products to produce high-quality cryolite.

Sodium Fluoroaluminate/ used as wear-resistant fillers for resin grinding wheels

Sodium Fluoroaluminate / Chinese cryolite condition
The production and application of high molecular weight cryolites have been studied and discussed in the United States and Japan. The production of polymers with sodium fluorosilicate as raw materials has achieved industrial production. China’s cryolite products implement the GB/T4291-2007 standard, but each production company will formulate corresponding enterprise technical indicators according to the purpose and user requirements. Cryolite is relatively tight in the market, which has a lot to do with the maturity of the production technology of the manufacturer. The products do not meet the requirements of the users. In addition, some of the raw materials used are also relatively tight, and the cost of raw materials is too high, such as fluorite. Wait. In August 2008, the price of cryolite in China was 5,000 yuan/t.


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