Science and Technology

OFC R&D composes a team of interdisciplinary and highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities and competencies within niched domain expertise of cryolite. We particularly make contributions to the electrolytic production of aluminum,orther metallurgical applications, glass and enamel industries, insecticide, abrasives, Rubber and other additives.


New ideas are generated and products are developed in close partnership with our customers. Customers are an inseparable part of all stages of development projects to create safe and productive products.


OFC GROUP has testing capabilities and experts dedicated to constantly developing the cryolite chemicals range to ensure that the products are up to date with the latest technology, while enhancing productive and reducing environmental impact.


We believe in actively contributing to this industry’s quest to leave lighter footprints on our earth. We recognise the importance of manufacturing and supplying quality solutions that have minimal environment impact, and we ensure the safest system for worker in their daily work. Our research and development ethos is to promote increasingly environmentally sound cryolite chemicals solutions.


Technical process
Spectro Analysis Instrument
Physical analysis
Information Processing
Chemical laboratory
Operational Process
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