High molecular weight cryolite

High molecular weight cryolite
(1) High molecular weight, stable between 2.8 and 3.0; high main content, low impurity content, actual yield high.
(2) The polymer used in the new starting tank has a higher level of stability than cryolite electrolyte, slower shrinkage, and molecular. The specific change is gentle, which is conducive to the stable maintenance of the electrolyte composition electrolytic cell life; reasonable electrolysis temperature, small change, easy to control; less volatility loss, can effectively improve the current field operation conditions.
(3) It can greatly save the amount of sodium fluoride or soda ash and reduce production costs.
(4) There are three types of sand (80 mesh), powder (200-325 mesh), and granular (0-10mm).
2.2 Characteristics of ordinary cryolite
(1) The molecular ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1.0-2.8.
(2) The main content is high and the impurity content is extremely low, which is suitable for the normal production of aluminum electrolysis to replace the AlF3 casting part Used in aluminum electrolytic production.
(3) The state is sandy (80 mesh), powdery (200-325 mesh), granular (0-10mm), Can provide different granularity products according to user requirements.

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