Cryolite price trend in Henan is weak and stable on November 27

According to data, as of November 27, the average price of cryolite was 6,100 yuan / ton, down 3.68% from the previous month and down 5.18% from last year. The cryolite commodity index on November 27 was 74.09, which was the same as yesterday. It was 26.80% lower than the highest point of the cycle at 101.21 (2011-10-31) and 11.67% higher than the lowest point of 66.35 on September 05, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to present)

Second, market analysis

Product: At present, the ex-factory quotation of Henan cryolite is stable, the market price is 5000-6900 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price is flexible, and the specifics are mainly based on negotiation; the price of cryolite in Shandong region is temporarily stable, and the ex-factory price is about 6500-7000 yuan / ton. The actual transaction price is mainly based on negotiation. As of the 27th, Jiaozuo Minli Industrial Cryolite was quoted at 6,900 yuan / ton; Zhengzhou Tianrui Crystal Technology Cryolite was quoted at 6400 yuan / ton; Zhengzhou Zerun Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. was quoted at 5,000 yuan / ton. The goods are smooth and the transaction is acceptable.

Industrial chain: The upstream raw material sulfuric acid market is operating differently, and the market is mixed. During the heating season, environmental protection and transportation inspections in Shandong, Hebei, and Henan remained intact. After the National Day, small-scale factories in the downstream region started in general, and the weak demand was difficult to change. At present, the acid market still has weak supply and weak demand, which has limited support. In terms of upstream fluorite, domestic fluorite prices have temporarily stabilized. Recently, domestic fluorite installations are operating normally. On-site mining and flotation devices are operating normally. On-site fluorite supply is normal. Recently, the price of hydrofluoric acid has remained low. For fluorite, The market purchases on demand, and the goods are generally delivered in the fluorite field. The domestic performance of the downstream aluminum market is relatively flat, and the export performance of aluminum materials is not good, and the fundamentals are generally weak.

Industry: At present, the cryolite manufacturer’s equipment is running normally, the manufacturer’s inventory is sufficient and no pressure, and the shipment is acceptable. The downstream electrolytic aluminum enterprises have started to increase slightly. The overall fundamentals of the inventory are good, and the manufacturer’s mentality is optimistic.

Forecast,Product analysts believe that the current price of cryolite manufacturers is mainly based on multidimensional stability, the device is operating normally, the inventory is sufficient, and the shipment is acceptable.

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