Founded in 1998,OFC Group,former Zhengzhou Auxiliaries Chemical Plant,is a cryolite chemicals producer over 20 years, our annual capacity are over 30,000 MT, also have been exporting our goods to over 50 countries.
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Cryolite (Na3AlF6, trisodium hexafluoroaluminate) is an important raw material for the primary aluminium manufacturing. Cryolite is also consumed in the abrasives, ceramics and glass industries.
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Na3AlF6 produces granular cryolite by reacting diluted hydrofluoric acid (HF) and aluminium hydrate (Al(OH)3). The H3AlF6 acid is then converted into sodium salt by ion exchange reaction with a sodium chloride solution. After a solid-liquid separation, the slurry of cryolite is calcined in an internally heated rotary kiln.
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History and Stories

Founded in 1998,OFC Group,former Zhengzhou Auxiliaries Chemical Plant,is a cryolite chemicals producer over 20 years

Mission and Vision

Provide top quality cryolite solution and considerate service around globe We are committed to established life-time relationship

Science and Technology

The cryolite center builds a strong technical competency in product development, in-depth scientific research and analysis, rapid response to business requests and frontline technology development.

Products and Applications

OFC Group provides its expertise in the areas of innovation and co-development through cryolite materials for demanding applications in diverse segments.


The use of cryolite in al203 smelting in aluminum ore processing is

The electrolytic Al2O3 is added with cryolite to reduce the operating temperature of the electrolyte. At present, the only method of industrially producing primary aluminum is the Hall-Elu aluminum electrolytic method. Invented by Hall of the United States and Eroux

High molecular weight cryolite

High molecular weight cryolite(1) High molecular weight, stable between 2.8 and 3.0; high main content, low impurity content, actual yield high. (2) The polymer used in the new starting tank has a higher level of stability than cryolite electrolyte, slower

Cryolite introduction

Cryolite is a mineral also known as Na3AlF6. The monoclinic system, columnar crystal or block. Mohs hardness 2.5, density 2.97 to 3.00 g / cm, refractive index 1.338 -1.339, birefringence 0.001, Positive light, dispersion value 0.024. Glass to oily. Transparent,

Cryolite meaning

Cryolite definition: Cryolite is a chemical with the molecular formula na3alf6. Cryolite is white crystalline powder, sand, and granular, and also has light red powder, sand, and granular, with a specific gravity of 2.95-3.01g / cm3, a melting point of about


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